About Us 
The typical representative of modern technologies is biotechnology. Citizenfs Center for Biohazard Prevention ( CCBP) was founded in March, 1999, aiming to promote actions toward defending human rights by preventing the environmental pollution peculiar to the age of biotechnology (Bio-Age), including biohazards.  
Two basic propositions
   All people are equal before the truth.
   Everything is worth doubting. 
Standpoint of generalists
The gscience of safety,h environmental science, environmental law study and the theory of human rights should be general and universal scientific disciplines with a broad outlook, including a philosophical way of thinking as their essential part. Problems concerning the right of individuals, residents and nationwide people to protect their life and safety can be covered by universal science and clarified only from the standpoint of a generalist holding a comprehensive, full-scale and interdisciplinary view.  
Principle for establishing residents'agreements with municipality authorities or companies
Whether the defense of residentsf right to protect their life and safety can be achieved depends on residents themselves, and no other people are permitted to intervene in their effort and decision to defend their right. It is self-evident that this principle for establishing residents' agreements should also be applied when we seek to secure the health of residents or public health. 
Our aims
1.     To develop the theory and jurisprudence for environmental preservation, safety securement and protection of human rights in the age of biotechnology (Bio-Age).
2.     To perform a role as an information center by collecting information for this purpose.
3.     To take on the function as a research center that considers how science, technology and environment in Bio-Age should be.
4.     To strive to make the Japanese government enforce the legal regulation against bio facilities, together with residents all over the country who seek safety of bio facilities.