Biohazard Lawsuits
Regarding the two lawsuits on bio facilities in which CCBP supported the plaintiffs, residents in Tokyo and Osaka, the Supreme Court made decisions on these two lawsuits in 2005. One is the lawsuit seeking disclosure of information on the blueprints of the building of the Japan Tobacco's Central Pharmaceutical Research Institute located in Takatsuki City, Osaka. The other is the lawsuit seeking an injunction against the experiments by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID), and the plaintiffs' defeat has been finalized. In both cases, local residents were obliged to file suits because the buildings were forcibly constructed though they objected to the construction from the fear of the likely occurrence of biohazards from the bio facilities located in densely populated urban areas. There is another lawsuit in which a researcher at NIID, Dr. H. Arai, sought the withdrawal of its decision to issue a written reprimand against him. He lost in the first trial, but appealed to the High Court. So the lawsuit is under way.

Lawsuit against the Japanese National Institue of Infectious Diseases

Information disclosure lawsuit against Japan Tobacco

Free speech suppression case against NIID