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"Citizen's Center for Biohazard Prevention" was formed as a group of citizens in the course of solidarizing with the lawsuit campaign of local residents concerned about the likely occurrence of biohazards related to the Japanese National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID). Now bio facilities are continuing to be set up due to the development of research for preventing emerging diseases and biodefense as well as the rapid growth of bio-industry. Under these circumstances, special attention is paid to the possibility that bio facilities will be a new source of biohazards. As measures against this possible situation, we think, it is important to locate bio facilities as far away as possible from residential areas. The World Health Organization also recommends, in Safety in Health-care Laboratories in 1997, that "wherever possible laboratories should be sited away from patient, residential and public areas". There is, however, no law regulating bio facilities in Japan, and there are no international rules providing the conditions of location of bio facilities. Considering that this present state of affairs cannot be left as it is, we are striving to establish legal regulation of biofacilities in Japan, and want to appeal to the world to make an international rule concerning the safe location of bio facilities.